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Why Hair Transplant Treatment is a Better Option

 Modern treatment is always a better way to approach any health issues.  In the contemporary age, every health issues are being treated with the help of various modern treatments which many of us doesn’t even know.

Hair fall is one such issue which is growing at a rapid pace in almost every major towns and cities of India.  Both men and women are suffering from this issue. There are lots of therapies that are being used but nothing seems to give a permanent solution to hair fall.

In the modern times, the only modern method that can be applied to treat hair fall issue in the best way is to undergo a hair transplant. The method is the best possible solution to get back your good old hair.  In India hair transplant in Delhi is the most popular destination.  The place has got all the best clinics with reputed surgeons and proper infrastructure.

 The hair transplant surgery is a unique method which helps people to grow back their old hair in a proper way. Though it takes time yet the result is guaranteed.  People often suffering from hair should take the help of this method to get back their long lost hair.

There is no better treatment apart from hair transplant in the recent years. Various studies have shown that this method is permanent and causes no such side effects.

There are mainly two methods that can be applied while doing a hair transplant.  One is FUE and the other one is known as FUSS.  Hair transplant in Delhi follows both the techniques and gives an effective result.

In the case of FUSS, the surgeon at first slowly removes at least 6 to a 10-inch strip of the skin from the scalp mainly the back portion of the head.  After sometimes the area gets covered with hair in it.  After this step, the team of surgeons divides the strip into various tiny grafts. Over here the type and number of grafts depends on the hair type, quality of the hair, and size of the area where the transplant is taking place

FUSS is the most preferred process used by surgeons all over the country. Apart from this, there is another method which is also used like FUE.  In this, the team of a surgeon at first will shave the back of the hair.  And then slowly the doctor removes the hair follicles. The affected area gets healed with small dots of which the existing hair will cover.  Apart from this particular step, the final thing is more or less same for both the process.

After the grafts are prepared the team will slowly numb that particular place where the hair will grow.  Thereafter creates holes or small slits with a needle and slowly places each graft very cautiously on the holes.

The entire process is not that long but takes around 6 hours on an average. The time taken depends on the size of the transplant. In order to make the thickness of the hair better, there are few other steps involved.

After every surgery, the most obvious question that crops in our mind is the time of recovery.  The hair transplant technique takes quite a less time to recover.  The bandages will be there for around four days and then things will be normal but under certain strict restrictions.  The surgeon may issue few drugs after the operation if needed.  People can get back to normal life after 5 to 6 days of surgery.

After two to three weeks the transplanted hair falls out and slowly there takes place the birth of new hair.  It takes around six to seven months to get back your good old hair in a new way.

The above reasons clearly highlight the fact that there can be no other method better to deal with this issue of hair fall.