Users get immensely benefitted from Anadrol

Anadrol is identified as a trade and brand name of the anabolic steroid, called Oxymetholone. After it got released on the prescription market, this medication was prescribed for treating various medical conditions from combating infections to geriatric atrophy. This medication is most effectual in treating anemia. Physicians prescribe this medication to increase the hemoglobin levels and production of red blood cells of the anemic patients. The reason behind this is this medication can stimulate erythropoiesis rapidly. Nearly every anabolic steroid is capable of exhibiting this capability, but this medication’s ability to do this is far more compared to other anabolic steroids.

Additionally, this medication exerts remarkable anabolic impacts on muscle-wasting HIV/AIDS patients and causes them to gain nearly 8kg of weight. This is the reason why this medication is prescribed to patients suffering from muscle wasting diseases and AIDS patients. This medication is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone and belongs to the family of DHT derived compounds. People who take this compound use it for bulking up and get stronger. For this reason, this medication is considered to be one among the best steroid alternatives. In the US, to buy this medication online you have to have a prescription but there are other nations too where you can buy online without any prescription.

Legal status and price of this medication

According to the US, this medication is a controlled substance and in order to buy this anabolic steroid legally, one needs to have a prescription. Furthermore, this medication is considered legal in the UK as well as in the US but a person needs to have an effective medical reason for buying it. Again, if you wish to have this medication but unfortunately, aren’t armed with a prescription then you have to buy it from the black market. When you have planned to purchase this medication from the black market, you have to monitor the excellence of the product you are getting.

There are numerous vendors on the black market who cheat customers regarding dosage. They sometimes deliver fake and contaminated products too. But the good news is, there are countless good vendors too that sell great products. All you are required to do is to research, compare besides taking a big risk of getting a fine product. However, you will also find reputable dealers if you want to get this product online. Generally, for a bottle containing 50mg tablets you have to pay $200 for fifty pills.

Dosage and administration

This medication is generally produced in 50mg tablets, so for the purpose of athletic and bodybuilding, a dosage of 25-50mg daily is perfect for a beginner. An intermediate user takes a range of 50-100mg each day and an advanced user prefers a dosage of 150mg daily. However, regardless of the type of the user, whether he is a beginner, an intermediate or a progressive user one hardly needs a dosage which is more than 50mg daily as this medication has enormous strength and potency. Irrespective of the dosage, before taking this medication you are required to know the law of your nation regarding this medicine, as some countries allow buying online without any prescription.