Should I Pick Miniature, Toy Or Standard Aussie Dog Breed?

Owning an Aussie dog can be refreshing as it brings an aura of energy to any home. It’s also known for being independent and fun. Although Aussie dog breeds are not really that suitable for living in fast-paced environments like in cities, it’s possible to have them adjust to the urban lifestyle by making sure that they get enough exercise.

If you want to get yourself a nice Australian dog, then you have to choose a breed that will fit your living quarters, your lifestyle, and your needs. Typically, there are three types: Standard, Miniature, and Toy dogs. Before you make your decision, you have to know each one’s size and temperament first so you can weigh in your choices better.

Standard Type


Australian breeds are the biggest of the three. The males are tall and have broad shoulders while the females have more delicate features but still have the same strength as the males. Usually, standard Australian Shepherds would come in black or dark red colors. Sometimes, they have white parts on the legs, the necks, and the chest area. They also have a fine and thick coat of hair that is either very straight or slightly curly.

Other Information

What makes the standard breed a good dog to have is that it naturally has a strong immune system which allows it not to get sick easily. If you want to keep your standard Aussie breed healthy, you only have to make sure to visit a cat doctor Sydney from Gordon Vet Hospital to get a regular exercise and weekly grooming.

Miniature Type


The Miniature Australian breed is smaller than the Standard Australian but bigger than the Toy type. It is considered to be one of the most intelligent dogs in the world. It learns things extremely fast, which makes it very easy to train. However, it’s quite temperamental because it easily gets bored. If you want it to obey you, you have to ensure that it is always involved in stimulating activities.

Other Information

It looks pretty much like the Standard type, only slightly smaller. It is a great dog to have if you don’t want a pet that is high maintenance. However, it’s quite prone to eye diseases like cataract and iris problems. If it shows such condition though, you only have to contact your favorite Pymble Vet now.

Toy Type


The Australian toy dog happens to be the smallest of the three. It is typically around 10 to 15 inches tall. It also has the same hair color as the previous types (black, brown, and dark red) and is as energetic as the standard Aussie dog.

Other Information

Toy Aussies are great companions for children because they’re very gentle and quite smart. They are also very affectionate. They make great pets for those who live in small houses. As they are hairy, they do tend to get ticks quite often. If they do, just let them have a dog flea and tick treatment combined, and they’ll solve the problem quickly.

These three types of dogs are similar to each other in general. The only things you have to consider when choosing one of these kinds of dogs are their health conditions (whether they’re high or low maintenance), sizes (whether they can run around your house), and temperaments (whether they fit with your lifestyle).