Crowdfunding for Activists

Crowdfunding harnesses the power of the crowd and uses it to do something constructive. For example, if you are an activist working for women’s empowerment and you perpetually work on limited funds, you can use crowdfunding to raise money on a per project basis. People will read your appeal and donate money to you. We at Impact Guru will facilitate this process. Crowdfunding is a very feasible option for this kind of work and Impact Guru is the leading crowdfunding platform in this country. Medical crowdfunding and NGO crowdfunding are two major areas of crowdfunding.

Activism is known for being the most thankless of all jobs. Imagine walking in protests, demonstrations, writing a large number of letters to the government and asking for funds all the time and still being denied. Activists essentially work hard and do the work that we as a society should be doing. Therefore, it is indeed necessary to support them in their benevolent ventures. Forums like One Million against Abuse and others have used crowdfunding to conduct various beneficiary activities.

Crowdfunding has been used to rehabilitate senior citizens, children and help families of the victims of communally incited murders. A lot of individuals who have the resources to help such people in need are not activists. They may not have time, energy and mental makeup to be one. However, they can all help in their individual ways in the attempt to make things slightly better for all those people who are struggling with their daily necessities.  Crowdfunding India is therefore a very efficient way to get money for your social cause.

The easiest ways to do this is to start a plea for your project on our site. You can now share links to this on other public platforms like various social media sites. Once you have shared this, you can get a select number of people to reshare this plea. This will help gain you more visibility. Your plea will now navigate through the world wide web and gather money from all across the world. This is a major advantage of crowdfunding. It is a departure from getting conventional funding.

Many activist organizations and NGOs depend on foreign aid to keep their wheels running. The Swiss Oak Foundation is known for helping a lot of NGOs in India who are engaged in women’s rights activism and legal activism. Sometimes this aid may not be enough for any one project. At such moments, we step in.

ImpactGuru is a platform that brings funds from Crowdfunding India and helps in NGO crowdfunding and medical crowdfunding actively. On a project to project basis we put up pleas for help. With us, you do not need to apply and compete for funds. In India, where we have a large rich-poor gap, we can use the monetary power of the economically well-off to reallocate resources to the underprivileged so that they can live a better life.