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Numerous issues focused on steroid use by sports celebrities are common – they seem enthusiastic to risk their freedom, fitness, and independence to gain that “edge” on their competitions. Such harms aren’t astonishing considering the large financial prizes offered. A use of performance-enhancing substances is done in private; hence well-planned studies presenting the effects of anabolic steroids on celebrities are uncommon. Testosterone medications develop body size, increase muscle strength, and hastens healing rate; still, are related to various long-term and short-term benefits.

Increases Muscle Strength

It’s famous, both logically and hypothetically, that steroid usage increase muscle size of users. One of the current studies performed in 2007 finely presented this effect of steroid use. These authors revealed that testosterone enanthate; the most utilized and abused form of testosterone, increased cycling performance and bench press endurance in healthy and fit subjects in relative to placebo. Older studies stated that such effects are usually obtained within 6-12 weeks of medications; still, these authors showed significant changes in the span of 3 weeks. These astonishing results show that steroid use could easily increase muscle endurance.

Increases Body Size

That study also confirmed that utilizing performance-enhancing substances can increase body size. In general, a large number of studies support that result. The authors tested the effects of testosterone enanthate in healthy subjects. Testosterone drastically increased quadriceps circumference, body mass, and bicep girth. This study also revealed an increase in abdomen “tightness.” Nearly all studies don’t state a fat-reducing effect of steroid use; still, that outcome is uncommon.

Increases Healing Speed

Another reported effect of steroids is their positive impact on healing rate. One of the most current steroid issues related to professional celebrities contained repetitive references to the use of performance-enhancing substances for speeding up recovery. Unfortunately, few studies testing these effects in healthy subjects are available. Still, there’s a nice compilation of information in “trauma” subjects including people who suffered injuries and burns. For example, one of the current studies in 2009 revealed that oxandrolone, an artificial form of testosterone, enhances lean body weight, restores body mass, and boosts muscle strength in patients with severe thermal injuries.

Steroids Increase Harms

It’s reckless to define the benefits of performance-enhancing substances without stating the harms connected with their use. Another study done in 2004 presented both the negative and positive effects of steroid use in their compilation. The authors noted that testosterone use boosts unwanted aggression and libido, along with disfiguring face and acne growth. In addition, it alters the internal hormone milieu during and after their use. However, one of the most concerning issues is the adverse cardiac effects of anabolic steroids. Exogenous testosterone boosts bad cholesterol levels and decreases good cholesterol levels. Besides, steroids alter the heart’s functions and structures.

Steroids Stimulate Additional Medical Complications

Steroids gained the poor reputation of stimulating several medical complications in human beings, yet many failed to give credit to performance-enhancing substances for their direct contribution to the medication of dangerous medical disorders. They’re also being used to alleviate injuries suffered from severe accidents for they enhance the recovery rate. Click here to view prices of steroids.