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3 Points: How to Meet the Hair Transplant Aesthetic Goal

The hair transplant procedure is an artistic surgical procedure that is a combined activity of science and art. It involves 60% scientific job, whereas 40% requires surgical knowledge. So, it is mandatory to choose a Surgeon/Doctor who is expertise in the profession along with the credit of giving a record number of positive outcomes towards the hair restoration surgery. Since the hair transplant procedure requires an extreme set of preparation for both the pre-& post-surgical steps, focuses on some requisite set of planning and decision for choosing the best hair transplant Doctors.

The artistic part of the surgery involves the slitting job as well as the placement of grafts that ultimately decides the success of the implantation procedure because the direction, angle and pattern of hair are defined by the slitting step as well as the final placement of the graft into the requisite recipient bald area of the scalp.

  • What is Slitting in the Hair transplantation and how is it defining the artistic outcome of the Procedure?

The slitting step is performed by the operating Surgeon onto the area where the graft is needed to be placed. This is the pre-plantation step that defines the pattern of the hair roots placement must be in a zigzag or irregular pattern in the view of achieving the best natural outcomes of the procedure. This step involves an extreme precision while making the hole regarding the placement of the graft, which requires certain depth, and style as according to the recipient area that needed to be covered with the grafts/follicular units.

  • What is the Placement of Grafts and how is it Performed?

The placement of grafts is the final and decisive step of the hair restoration that reflects the result of the procedure. The placement requires in-depth understanding and knowledge about every movement of graft and their type that can affect the outcomes. To choose the particular graft for the particular scalp area is also a very concerning job and requires a number of years’ practical experience in order to judge the suitability of graft and condition that raise the need for the placement. It must keep in mind by the performing Surgeon that what type of graft is needed for hairline placement and what type is needed for the crown or mid-crown portion. The slim graft should always place into the frontal hairline design in order to achieve the most natural appeal after the procedure.

  • How Hairline Design Matter in the Aesthetic outcome of the Procedure?

The making of hairline design is the base of receiving the natural result as it decides the structure of the particular pattern that is later covered by the live follicular units/graft. The hairline design is like an artistic drawing job that needs extreme clarity and perfection for performing the job. Only an expert and experienced Surgeon can make it with the perfection that quality comes after years’ of experience in the same field.


In the nutshell, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant is both the surgical and artistic job that involves artistic part more than the surgical job and hence choosing the best Surgeon or Doctor is a more complex task because it is difficult to find a Surgeon who has both the expertise. So, there is a need for pre-procedure preparation followed by the research & development work both online & offline.